AX 2012 Retail SDK Eating Your Hard Drive Space?

After I installed the Retail SDK for Dynamics AX 2012 CU10 on a virtual machine for testing purposes, I was amazed at how fast my hard drive space started disappearing. It was obviously very frustrating. Here is what the problem ended up being:

There is a retail service that can grow several gigs in a matter of minutes. It’s honestly pretty amazing…in a bad way.

Open up Services and search for Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Offline Sync Service. Disable this service. Possibly because I don’t have everything configured yet, but what was happening was every time the service attempted to sync, it failed. When it failed a log file grew.

Here is the log file that you can delete to free up some space:


Massive 56gb file!

By deleting “C:\Program Files (x86)\ Microsoft Dynamics AX\ 60\Retail POS\RetailOffline\RetailOfflineSyncTrace I freed 56 gigs of storage!

I hope this helps some of you out! Obviously some of you are going to need this file for your own purposes. Personally I didn’t need any of these error messages taking up my hard drive space. So as always, delete at your own risk.


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