MPOS Declare Start Amount Error

Earlier today my colleagues and I were seeing a very non-descriptive error (as the MPOS is becoming infamous for). The error read: “We cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later.”

Thanks, MPOS! I will! I will try again later!

After additional investigation of event logs, I noticed that there was a problem with TENDERTYPE on the RetailTransactionPaymentTrans table.

Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘TENDERTYPE’, table ‘’; column does not allow nulls.

INSERT fails.

Bummer. OK so what this means from a functional point-of-view is that the tender types of the retail store’s payment method is incorrectly setup.

The fix:

First we set up a new Payment Method on the store of type Tender Remove/Float


Next, on the Retail Store, under Miscellaneous, Payment Method must be set to Tender Remove/Float.


Then run the 1070 data distribution job to push the changes to the store database.


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